Richard Heart


December 30th, 2019

2 hrs 40 mins 16 secs

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Richard Heart is a Bitcoin thought leader and a well known crypto personality.

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0:00:25 Lot's of community built tools for HEX.
0:02:46 How Tarmo got into cryptocurrencies.
0:05:32 Only exchanges and scammers earn money with cryptocurrencies.
0:07:29 You can't scam an honest man because he would think the deal is too good.
0:08:52 Serial coin founders make new coins to get the money out before it crashes.
0:15:52 How Richard got so technical?
0:20:52 Richard built affiliate marketing company.
0:22:38 Difficult journey to find proper developers for HEX.
0:25:25 Reason for the delay of unpublished audit.
0:29:15 People don't bother to read anything, but still disagree with everything.
0:31:12 Pyramids have multiple referral levels, HEX has one level like Amazon.
0:33:25 Why there is origin address who gets HEX and flush addres who gets ETH?
0:40:18 What made you realize that you need to add AdoptionAmplifier?
0:42:33 Participating in ICOs and looking at what the actually do.
0:47:01 Keeping the people away from scams.
0:50:20 Haters going to hate, find your own audience.
0:53:43 Ethereum has less techical-debt and has less bugs, was able to start clean.
0:57:28 Updating your world-view when reality changes.
1:02:23 Tarmo trying to explain how HEX does Certificate of Deposit and why it matters.
1:12:08 Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Dead British academic?
1:19:22 HEX circulating supply depends how much is staked at any time.
1:22:08 How long Richard will stay with HEX if it pumps and then dumps?
1:25:50 Was Satoshi leaving Bitcoin good or bad decision?
1:26:10 Things that Satoshi got wrong.
1:30:55 What made the SegWit such a big deal to get forked in?
1:32:38 Trying to understand the trustlessness of miners and mining pools.
1:35:25 Mining is security theater and protection racket.
1:37:03 What's the argument against ASIC-resistance?
1:40:58 Is Ethereum 2.0 going to be what HEX does?
1:42:52 What will happen to HEX if Ethereum 2.0 never happen?
1:45:36 What if community would migrate HEX to Obyte network?
1:49:22 Have you kept track on Obyte progress since BTC airdrop stopped?
1:50:52 Would a killer app make Obyte popular again?
2:02:13 Blockchain is not censorship resistant, it has self-custody.
2:05:14 If mining pools are like newspapers, isn't Youtube also just a newspaper?
2:09:13 Why Youtube removed hundreds of cryptocurrency/poker videos?
2:17:23 Obyte price chart looks sad, but it will get better.
2:19:33 Marketing to larger market has more opportunities than small illegal market.
2:23:00 Tarmo doesn't want to do anything with Solidity, it's horrible.
2:24:01 Tarmo doesn't want to do anything with fiat money, it's not self-custody. Cash brings only trouble.
2:25:52 Best time to earn HEX and Obyte Bytes is now when the price is low.
2:30:14 It's easier to market coin with single feature than coin with lot of features.
2:32:47 Obyte has sh!tloads of technology, but world is not fair. Only chance is marketing.
2:33:09 Why Google Play removed MetaMask and Apple Store removed Coinbase apps?
2:39:29 Richard's links to HEX project.